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Transformative designs from local fashion are no longer fantastical stories of futurism. Featuring the work of  young local designers, the transformative aspects of these garments are heroes in their own rights. A Ther Yang thermochronic jacket projects any print imaginable with  a heated surface. The work of Justin Chua transforms into a series of different garment types — from a shirt to a skirt and then a bag. And if that’s not enough, a tent transforms into a dress engineered exceptionally by Stemple Haeun are objects of desire beyond comprehension. 

ART DIRECTION: @gns_studio 
PRODUCTION: @gns_studio 
PHOTOGRAPHY: @reubenfoong
ASST PHOTOGRAPHY: @kristabellepoh 
STYLING: @y.k.k @gns_studio 
ASST STYLING: @hjkbryan
HAIR & MAKEUP: @troujous @Lukarse @happy__piggy
MODEL: @serenajane 
@domdomdonk1 @brandonleo@lucasjongg @relleshi

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