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Art Direction/Website

Staged nature, a double meaning concept. Singapore is a “clean” city created through urban planning. It is a man-made city that is the concept of “nature” and what is natural may inevitably change. STAGES NATURE is all about going back to the nature, a reimagined world with no more pollutions.

To create a clean and simple direction. A study of materials and objects in a very clinical and sterile aesthetic and almost scientific. Focus on details, textures, and on the process of making. Brings importance to materials and objects used in the products which further emphasizes the transparency of this project’s ways while also educating people through the material highlights and information. The simplistic and minimal aesthetic pulls away from the over glamorized and over produced visuals fashion tends to fall towards in order to distract consumers from the repercussions of consumerism/capitalist nature of fashion. The reason why the art direction is much simple and clean compare to the garments design, because we want to have a contrast and more focus on the garments. We don’t want everything has too many elements inside, it will looks messy.


Following the branding of minimal and clean with a strong focus on materials, textures and the products. Also, have a page that can educate our consumers on conscious consumption of fashion with some infographics . These are some of the website architecture, we will include vernacular from plastics, introduce plastic bag culture, contact, homepage, scanning, scientific photos and etc.

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